Weekly Events

Fun Night 


(Between 5:00pm-6:00pm)

You might tee off with oven mitts, or play a hole with only one club.  As the name suggests, “Fun” is the focus and scores don’t matter.  Prizes, food and drinks are always a-plenty!


Men's Night


(Approx. 5:30pm)  

For a small fee you can join the men’s club and have a chance at winning money each week.  Last year more than $10,000 was paid out to members!  Oh yeah, and the meals are fantastic!

Senior's Club Golf

Monday’s & Wednesday’s

(1:00 pm)

There’s no better place to spend your afternoon than at the golf course relaxing with friends.  4 person best ball is usually the game and any member with $3.00 is welcome to join.