Course History

Early Days 

The very first golf course in Canora dates back to the 1920's and was located west of highway No. 9.  The first tee-off was approximately in the area where the Canora Composite High School is now situated.  There were 6 sand greens to play on so 3 greens were used twice to make it a nine hole course.  


The land at this time that was used for the course was also leased as a cow pasture so each sand green was fenced to keep livestock off of the putting areas.  A few acres were added in the early thirties to enlarge the area and make nine proper golf holes. 


Shortly after World War II the Town of Canora passed a bylaw stating that no cows were permitted on town property.  With no cows or equipment to trim the fairways, the existing club folded in the late 1940's.

A New Course

In 1959, The Canora Junior Chamber of Commerce decided to build a new golf course on the east side of town.  They chose the site that is now known as the Canora Golf & Country Club.  By 1961 they had managed to build 4 partial golf holes and had purchased a few small pieces of equipment.  Sadly, the project was abandoned in 1962 and never materialized past this starting point. 


However, the idea of a golf course in Canora was not put to rest.  In 1966, five new enthusiastic individuals once again took up the challenge.  That year work began on the construction of the courses 9 original sand greens and the group acquired an old lumber yard office that became the first clubhouse.  In 1968 the project was complete and the first ever tournament was held on October 2nd of that year.

Sand to Grass and Beyond

In 1976 the club decided to move from sand to grass greens.  For the next two seasons volunteers spent countless hours constructing the new greens and installing a sprinkler system.  By August of 1977, the Canora Golf & Country Club was finally a full-fledged nine hole grass green golf course. 

In 2001 the club took on another major renovation and expansion with the purpose of increasing both length and interest.  Holes 1, 2, 3 and 9 all remained as they were.  Holes 4 and 8 were re-routed to brand new greens and holes 5, 6 and 7 were newly constructed further to the south.  In total 5 greens, 10 bunkers and 2 strokes were added making the course the unique and challenging par 36 that it is today.

Honoring Volunteers

Countless volunteer hours have been spent building and maintaining our course.  We are proud of this history of volunteerism that was established by our founders all those years ago.  We honour these efforts with our club motto..

By Friends, For Friends, For Fun!